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What is Tantra?

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Tantra is a discipline that has been known for thousands of years. Tantra is a way of living your life by being more playful, experimenting and first of all: More aware! Tantra in it’s original outfit is to train the body to be able to hold more and more energy that eventually after years of practicing, would be transformed into a spiritual practice to higher levels of consciousness and more awareness.

There are two versions of practicing Tantra. One is the Yogi or the Masculine way. On this path orgasm is postponed forever! This means No Orgasm!

The feminine way of practicing Tantra is to prolong the intercourse as long as possible, still trying to postpone orgasm, but if you can’t stop your self, just enjoy it instead and try to be aware while it is going on. Don’t beat your self up mentally!

Tantra in its original version is often combined with meditation and awareness training.

Tantra is on it’s way to the Western countries and if we want something that works for us, we might start using Tantra more as a life quality booster or as spice in the bedroom, rather than a religious or spiritual path. Of course it can be used for both if this is what you want.

At this point I will only focus on Tantra ‘Light’ which means to enhance your sexlife, improve your relationship and learn a little of how to develop love. Download the Tantra Introduction Manual from the menu.

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