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The 10 A’s of a great Leadership!

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The Leader of The Future!

Somebody once said that behind every successful man is a woman and to some extent, I think this is true. It takes a man to make a decision, but he needs a woman to make the right decision! I focus very much on the Inner Leader so I will translate this to It demands masculinity to make decisions but it demands femininity to make the right decisions! It demands Leadership as well as Awareness!

Extreme masculinity is primitive. He conquers the world and does not care how. History tells us how they tried to enslave countries and how they failed. The man who knows his feminine qualities, emotions, care and concern and is able to make use of these, is more balanced and has a much greater chance of success in any area of his life! Goes for most of today’s female leaders too! This makes a Leader who is much more Aware!

One of the HUGE secrets that people almost NEVER discover because we live unbalanced lives is that in the exact balance between well-developed masculinity and well-developed femininity, miracles will happen. This is called peak experiences. Balance is a prerequisite for getting precisely what you want and reaching your goals! In this perfect balance, the heart and the mind will open and love, wisdom and natural humour WILL flow! The new paradigm is Wholeness and Inclusivity.

We need a lot of A’s to be Great Leaders.

Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action and Authenticity.

AGENDA. Having an Agenda for your life and Aiming for this,  is crucial if you want Passion – Passion that will get you, passionate followers. Finding, having and knowing your ultimate purpose can easily give you so much passion that you could scare people away, so learn to relax into your Passion when you find it. AIMING for the highest purpose of your life, will set the heading for everything else in your life and become a very valuable guideline.

AWARENESS is important. You have to be totally AWARE – Well that is not quite possible but it is possible to wake up gradually to higher and higher levels of awareness. Most leaders are not even aware of what is going on in their own teams. Most leaders act solely from what they THINK is going on in their team! Unfortunately, they think that what they think is REAL!

There are multiple levels of awareness. The first is Inner awareness which is an absolute necessity if you want to be able to see the difference between what really is and what only is in your mind. Most people can’t see this difference! The second level of awareness is group awareness and this is where you really get in touch with what is going on in your team or your company or your family. The third level of awareness is the City Limit awareness. You can’t make a decision in your team without considering what effect this has outside your team! The fourth level of awareness is national. What is the interaction between your country and your decision? The fifth level of awareness is global. This is where technological development is today so if you don’t possess global awareness you are far behind! awareness is one of the doorways to CREATIVITY!

ASSERTIVENESS. When I say Assertive I mean positive, appreciative, respectful and exact communication. Do what you say and say what you do!

ACTION speaks louder than words! Need I say more! Successful leaders execute!

AUTHENTICITY. The spoken language is only about 7% of the total communication so what about the other 93%? Well, have you ever heard of body language? The tone of voice? Gestures? Body posture? If your words communicate one thing and your body language another and your tone of voice a third… What impact do you think you are making? If ALL your communication channels were transmitting the same message, don’t you think the message would be a lot clearer? You can learn to control your channels but if you are controlling and suppressing a channel which is communicating a different message than the words channel, you just create a new channel that communicates that you are holding something back which could be interpreted as being dishonest. Do the opposite. Learn to understand your channels and your sub communication. Be totally honest, open and PRESENT!

Mastering these five A’s will make you a more balanced person and give you at least five more A’s to master:

Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admiration, Accountability.

AUTHORITY comes from knowing your AGENDA – knowing where you are AIMING, and being totally honest and in sync with all your communication channels. The power of a title only gives you imaginary authority. We all know that this kind of authority has NO impact at all! A true Leader does not have to claim his authority. WISDOM is a big element in authority. Knowing your purpose is the key/path to unlocking your inner WISDOM. True Authority has to be earned. It cannot commanded.

ATTENTION is what you get when your communication is precise and with impact.

ATTRACTION. The world will come to you when your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual layers are in sync. When you have done your homework!

ADMIRATION. Well… As true leaders, we don’t need admiration. That’s why we get it!

ACCOUNTABILITY. As true leaders, we have to stop blaming! We have to get to the point where we return from “It is your fault” to “It is MY responsibility”. In other words: What can I do to help when someone fails. Was it me that did not provide the correct information? How did I contribute to failure? Lead and Learn! Which Leader does earn your respect? He who says: “It is your fault. You need to do better or find another job!” or the one who says: I’m sorry. I messed up. I’m also to blame here. I will do better next time”…

The Masculine qualities:
Agenda, Awareness, Assertiveness, Action and Authenticity in equilibrium with the feminine qualities:
Authority, Attention, Attraction, Admiration and Accountability will make you:

Appreciative, Attentive and Amazing!

You will become an:
Achiever, Accomplisher, Adventurer, Alchemist and the Author of your own life!

You will be a True Alfa Male! You will be the Answer to people’s questions!


All these A’s describe pretty well what I think should be The Leader Of The Future. The Archetype of a True Leader. I have deliberately left Ambition out of this. Simply because ambition is based on unrecognized needs that weren’t met in childhood – which describes a lot of today’s leaders who have become leaders only because they need to prove to others that they are leaders. Ambition is unbalanced but if you work with your ambition and understand where it comes from, you can easily transform it into PASSION! Which is infectious!

Long ago I stopped believing in the political left or ideological right. We need leaders that can lift us up instead of letting us down. The old leader (of his own title!) has come to a dead-end in evolution. Leaders who do not act from wholeness which includes opposites, will not make it. The future belongs to the New Leader. The one who knows Leadership and Awareness.

We are at a point in evolution where it is becoming clear that yesterday’s solutions ARE today’s problems! Which means that the way we used to solve problems no longer works. It is obsolete. And why?… Simply because evolution until now has allowed us to survive by dividing everything into good or bad. Friend or enemy. Dark and light…  Simply because the deepest part of our minds and brains are split into two parts, which has been the supreme way of survival until now. But what has been the ultimate way of survival is going to be our enemy tomorrow. Evolution demands another paradigm. Wholeness rather than division. Evolution is here already, But we are not! We need to learn to act from wholeness. We have to forget everything we know and be open and creative. Are you ready to forget the past and create the future?

This kind of Leadership is a skill every single human being has, but in most people, it is still sleeping. Every single human being has the potential to wake up and become The Leader of The Future. The Leader of his or her own life. We can not rely on other people including governments, to make decisions that bring us what we want. We have to do it by ourselves.

This is an Awesome, Awful lot of A’s and in the end, there is one very important thing that is more important than A’s: When you master all these A-qualities EMPATHY is yours for FREE!

David Leadership And Awareness

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