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Relationship Workshop


This is for anyone, regardless of your social status, gender or age, who wants to have a better, more fulfilling and intimate love life!

If you recognize any of the following statements, you are at the right place!

• Are you living in a relationship that is not fulfilling?
• Do you miss intimacy in your relationship?
• Has your sex life been reduced to 10 minutes every second week – or even less?
• Do you miss spending moments where you and your partner are totally present?
• Do you miss a relationship where your lover is open, listening and committed?
• Do you dream of more passion and attraction?
• Do you feel misunderstood and not heard?
• Are you dreaming of less conflicts and more harmony?
• Are you thinking of leaving your partner?
• Do you miss being loved for just being you?
• Are YOU working TOO hard on the relationship without results?
• Are you tired of being the one that always gives and dosen´t get anything back?
• Is your lover busy with everything else but you?

Then you have come to the right place!

We provide a solution with tools, education and one-on-one sessions that will change, improve and Empower Your Love Life almost overnight! Get the relationship of your dreams!

We are proud to present a workshop that will start In February. There will be a group for woman only facilitated by Luna Maria and a group for men only facilitated by David Fonsbo.

This is some of the things you’ll learn:

• How to change your vibe in a way that will get your lover to want to get close to you again.
• Specific words and body language that help your lover to want to feel closer to you all the time.
• How to raise your self-esteem and to feel much better about yourself which will make your partner feel extremely attracted to you.
• How to achieve a higher level of presence from your partner.
• How to deal with difficult choices.
• How to get a mindset that supports your needs.
• How to handle habits and beliefs that is holding you back.
• Undoing the damage and reconnect over night.
• How to set boundaries.
• How to be more intimate.
• How to be honest and truthful.
• Why being authentic will make you extremely attractive.
• Why setting your standards will make anyone crazy for you.

And much, much more !!
We are looking forward to work with you.

Use this contactform if you want to know more. Information is encrypted so no one – not even the IRS will be able to intercept this!