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Modern women and Sex.

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One should stick to one’s own class.

A lot of modern women has serious problems letting go of control in the bedreeom. An extroverted single life with career, friends and home makes it almost impossible for women to be female.

And when they say there isn’t any good men out there it is easy to understand. It is hard to find a good match for such a woman (Integral color Green or Teal) and if there is no match the woman can not surrender and open. Women need to feel safe and secure (emotionally) to open physical as well as psychological and spiritual.

The female sexuality is much bigger than the male sexuality and that means if she opens to the bottom of her being, the man will run like hell because he gets scared. This is exactly why female sexuality has been held down using Female Genital Mutilation, clothes to cover her body completely, chastity belts and keeping her away from publicity. Undeveloped men are totally scared of the female sexuality. They either want to control it or take what they can get and run for their life.

The only way to deal with this is to help men rise to Teal stage which will make them so strong that women can rely on them. So strong that nothing will scare or move them. Be solid like Mount Everest and NOTHING can overthrow you!

An alpha male is only half a man (Integral Red, Amber or Orange). He has not yet learned how to handle his emotions and he has no substantial connection to his own heart. Women know that! Deep down.

The Beta male (Integral Green) is spineless and manipulative. A woman won’t chose a man like that.

This is the main reason why women can’t open and surrender completely.

She knows that none of them can handle her emotions if she opens. She knows that it is impossible to connect to his heart. He simply isn’t there (Integral Teal).

Most women – at least modern women long for a relation that allows her to be totally present in her feminine essence. Relaxed, surrendered and open. But most modern men are not ready for that!

If a women can’t surrender the energy will get stuck in her head. She starts thinking while you as a man are situated on top of her busy thrusting. She will start blaming herself and eventually feel guilty. And there is only one thing you can do about it as a man. Get to the Teal level!

On Teal level men has learned how to connect to their own heart AS WELL AS OTHERS. They have learned how to handle their emotions. They have become strong and though their own feminine development (Integral stage Green) they have learned almost everything about female sexuality – which includes emotions, heart and spirit.

A woman can sense that! And when she does she will surrender and open. You will be able to connect to her feelings and her heart and she will know. This is sex and love connected. And this is far better than any sex you have experinced!! Ever!!

If you want to be able to give your woman everything she didn’t even knew she was dreaming about, you have to become a whole (Teal) man!