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How to be a MAN!

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The answer is simple, but the journey is long. In fact, you should prepare for the Journey of your Life!

The answer to the question How to be a MAN can only be answered by YOU! And you have to go deep! Deep inside yourself and you will notice the answer changes the deeper you dive!

I can point you in a direction that works. The first answer lies in the outer world. And by now you probably experienced that the answer you get from culture, social life and work isn’t quite what you expected. You are not really fulfilled.

The next answer lies within your heart. A deeper and more satisfying answer.

The third answer lies within your spirit. But you can’t go there without a fully open heart so do your work with your heart first.

  • Learn to look at other men as equals you can learn from and share your knowledge with. Together men are exponentially stronger than alone. A Brotherhood of men will teach you a lot about masculinity.
  • Learn the power of sharing in a circle of men.
  • Learn that your vulnerability becomes your strength when you surrender to it and share it with other men.
  • Learn how to be centered in your heart and how to make decisions from the heart.
  • Learn how to be FULLY present in the world, in your life, and in your heart.
  • Get a grip on emotional awareness. Your woman will love you to death for this!
  • Be aware that life is finite and you have a purpose you must pursue!
  • Learn about masculine and feminine polarities. Abandon unhealthy polarities and explore the healthy.
  • Learn about father/son work and about the importance of giving the world awakened sons (and daughters).
  • Deep experience of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.
  • Tools for being present and aware.
  • Deep meditation.
  • Experience your physical strength in the Fight Club Practice!
  • The importance of crisis. The midlife crisis in particular.