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The Psychology of Being Introvert in Contrast to Being Extrovert

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We live in a world that is primarily extroverted. The first half of evolution had to be Extrovert simply because we needed to build societies and structures to support and prolong our lives. Everything has been built on Masculine values from Masculine power.

The second half is about to happen. The feminine values have been here for quite some time. Great inventions comes out of the Introvert aspect of life. The great composers in the 1700s is probably the first huge signs of evolution shifting from Extrovert to Introvert.

The past 100-200 years we had a spiritual wave that has grown enormously. That’s human beeings feeling the need to go deep inside to find more truth.

We are in the beginning of a shift I call The Midlife Crisis of Evolution.

It’s easy to spot because every single human being repeats the entire evolution the first 35 years of their life.

Life started in water millions of years ago as one single cell. So did our lives.

In that swamp the cell grew bigger and became fish that evolved by growing lungs and limbs. So did you and I in our mothers’ woomb.

The fish evolved to reptiles, left the water and became dependent on land as they now had lungs. They moved around on four legs. So did we. We were born and soon after started crawling on four legs.

Then we evolved to bigger animals and we started walking on two legs. We did the same as kids. One year old and we walk on two legs.

Only 35.000 years ago evolution finished creating the New Brain – Neo Cortex. A brain we weren’t born with. And now science has ‘discovered’ our brain no. four. The Frontal Cortex. All our brains represents leaps in evolution as well as in our lives.

When we are born our strategy is survival. Physical and emotional. We are 100% dependent on our parents – or at least one of them to survive, which means we will do EVERYTHING to get what we need.

On a physical as well as an emotional level we adapt to get what we need. We need food and parents to provide it and we need to be fully accepted into our new family. Being outside the group means death because we can’t survive without any one to bring us food. On the emotional level we have the same fear of being outside as we will die emotionally if we do not have a place to belong to.

The strategy we chose in a very early stage of our lives is to adapt to our parents in a way that covers our needs best. A way that gives us the biggest chances to survive physically and emotionally – which corresponds to the two brains we have at this point. The reptilian brain (instincts and body) and the limbic brain (emotions). And in this early stage of life we unconsciously chose not to use the parts of our personality our parents do not like.

We adapt and become the version of ourselves that has the biggest chance of survival. At least we believe so on a deep unconscious level.

We become either Introverts or Extroverts Depending on which traits we repress.

This has a price. We are only half beings. We only live half lives and seek partners to fill our void and feel whole again.

Now, that isn’t the end of the story because cutting half of our beings away (Greek mythology where Zeus divided the whole humans into two, a man and a woman).

Our minds as well as the big universal mind has a trait. What ever is suppressed will come back and the more we hide in our subconscious existence the bigger the explosion will be. Our subconscoius mind works like a garbage can. At some point it becomes full and need to be emptied.

According CG Jung this happens in midlife and then we name it a Midlife crisis. The unlived and unexplored parts of our selves WILL surface. The Shadow insists on being an accepted part of our lives.

The suppressed personalities will ‘knock’ on your door for a long time. Harder and harder and if you don’t listen your subconscious mind will create a physical illness that corresponds to your missing personality parts.

Evolution does the same thing! We spend 35 years repeating evolution without noticing!

To build a world evolution needed to be extrovert and Masculine in the beginning. Now it is turning. We are going to integrate the softer sides of life. The wisdom of the Introverts.


If you are Extrovert you find energy in big crowds having a lot of people around you.

As an Introvert you recharge your batteries either in your own company or together with one or two very close friends.


Being an Introvert in an Extrovert world is challenging. In nearly all jobs you need some degree of being Extrovert. You simply do not become President of the United States if you are an introvert!

Most leaders today are Extroverts and the few Introvert leaders we have had (Mahatma Ghandi) did deveolp thier Extrovert qualities to become leaders.

As an Introvert you need to learn some coping strategies to be able to handle the world. Introverts loose energy in big crowds and need to be able to isolate to recharge.

If you do not listen to your subconscious needs you will eventually get sick. A lot of ilnesses are the same whether you are an Introvert or an Extrovert, but some ilnesses are personality dependent. If you are an Introvert you are much more likely to get cancer than an Extrovert.

If you are an Extrovert you are much more likely to get cardio vascular diseases.

If you suppress or try to kill your Shadow, your Shadow will kill you!

In psychological terms Introverts are often the victims and Extroverts are the perpetraitors. And deep inside you really wanna be neither!

inrovert ekstrovert

We are born as WHOLE beings and it is only after some months we chose our strategy. This means that our true identities are NOT being an Introvert or an Extrovert. Our true nature is being BOTH as we master both when we are born. Our true nature is being whole!

It is very hard work to accept that you have an unlived half personality you don’t know that is a true part of you, when you spent half a life believing you were only either Introvert or only Extrovert.

Do you want life to create you or do you want to create your life?