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Group for men

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Group for men in Århus, Denmark.

Do you need passion and purpose? Does your relationship work? Is your sex life boring? Has intimacy left your relationship? Midlife crisis?

Have you lost your leadership? Do you know what to do with the rest of your life?

If so you are light years ahead of politicians and other alpha males! You are at the very peak of evolution! And then it might be a great idea to enroll in a group for men! 

  • What is it women want? Why isn’t she happy when you give her what she wants?
  • Learn how to be a MAN! 
  • Learn better ways of communicating.
  • Leadership.
  • Balance between the masculine and the feminine.
  • Sexuality and Tantra.
  • Attraction.
  • Emotions.
  • Flirt and dating.
  • Values and purpose.
  • Presence and awareness.
  • Bad boys & nice Girls (+ Bad girls & Nice Guys).
  • Why your mission is more important than your woman!
  • Focus. 
  • Your needs.
  • How to be authentic.
  • And much, much more…