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Teal Man and Orange Woman

Teal man will be able to function as a mentor for Orange woman and she will have something good to look up to – if she recognizes higher stages of development. 

These two are perfectly able to maintain a temporarily mentor/lover/friendship relation which can benefit the woman in particular, if she wants to.

The challenge, which should not be that hard, is to raise the woman to Green and Teal. Orange woman needs a man who can sweep her off her legs. Teal can do that if he wants to, but Teal men are rare. She will probabably go for Red, Amber and Orange men as she can’t tell the difference and they will for sure sweep her off her legs. Since the woman is Orange (logic) and the Man is Teal she has a great opportunity to enter Green and Teal. She almost just has to decide to do it to enter Green and after that she needs to relax into her feminine sides again and to let go of control. She is lucky she has a Teal man at hand! 

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