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Green Man and Green Woman

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Women at Green stage are very masculine and can do everything themselves (there are no good men out there!) and men are soft and feminine. Green men need to go back to Red, Amber and Orange and get reconnected to the power they left behind – in order to rise to Teal stage and again become masculine – but in balance with the feminine from Green.

Green women has a lot of power. If she wants a partner he has to be more masculine than themselves and that could be hard to find. Thus they tend to get bitter about the lack of good men! Green woman will often go with Red, Amber and especially Orange men instead.

Green men can sometimes get attracted to Green women, but they lack the power to sweep her off her feet. As a result Green women find it difficult to respect men.

If a relationship is established it would be problematic and it would probably not last. When reality kicks in after 3-4 months huge amounts of frustrations can appear because the swapping of gender roles. But often these relationships will never even get started because women does not respect a man who is a woman.

The man has to get his power from the Red stage back at some point, get direction in his life and find purpose and the woman has to learn to relax deep in to her feminine sides again and accept things for what they are.

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