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Orange Man and Teal Woman

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This combination is somewhat functioning. Teal woman will be able to function as a mentor for Orange man and he will have something good to look up to – if he recognizes higher stages of development.

The reverse constellation would have been better, but these two are perfectly able to maintain a temporarily mentor/lover/friend relation which can benefit the man in particular, if he wants to.

Many women would not be interested in being mentor for the man – especially not if he is going to Green and becomes soft. And many Orange men does not recognize higher stages anyway.

The work will be focussed on raising him a few levels which can be tough as his next level is Green and feminine and this transition is not necessarily easy. Orange man demands a woman who are feminine which Teal woman master. Otherwise he will have a hard time being a man. Only a Teal or Tourqoise woman would be able to help him in his transition through Green.

Almost no Orange men has the guts to continue to Green because this leap is gigantic. He has to say goodbye to his masculine power to become feminine and who would do this voluntarily? Orange men often try to maintain Orange for the rest of their lives.

This leap is dangerous to his masculinity and midlifecrisis is almost inevitable if he should evolve to Green.

Teal woman can not in any way connect to his heart and his emotions as he hasn’t been there yet and that would be unsatisfying for her in the long run. Sexually he does not understand Teal woman as he has not experienced his own femininity on Green level. He can’t provide the emotional security she demands. She needs to open her heart fully and sex in the long run could be boring for her. She will most likely get stuck in her brain and think that something is wrong with her – and there is nothing he can do about it. He just doens’t match her.

Nature/evolution will have to force this man to go on through midlifecrisis. Orange man demands a woman who can be fully present in her femininity, which Teal woman can, otherwise he can’t feel like a man. Teal woman possess all the feminine values of a Red/Amber woman which he will mistake as a Red/Amber woman, but she also possesses a lot more than that and he will not be able to match that.

Orange man has to revise his world view and Teal woman would be a perfect teacher in this process. Orange man has to transition through Green and only a highly developed woman can handle this, but probably not in the long run. She will only stay in the relation, which would be mostly sexual until she finds a better match.

This relation is perfect for friends with benefits, common experiences (travels, vacations etc.) and mentoring but not much more.

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