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The Masculine Man!

New Man evolving.
Regardless if you want to be the Leader of your relationship or you want to be the Leader of your company or you want to be the Leader of your life, you face the exact same themes inside yourself. One part of you fearlessly wants to pursue the dream of your life and another part of you is holding you back in anxiety and fear. If the fearless part of you is the biggest, you most likely run into problems and hurt yourself financially or physical and if fear is dominating you will never really succeed…

The Masculine Man knows all about taking responsibility, but before any one can do this it is absolutely necessary to know what to take responsibility for and how to do it! You have to KNOW and EXPERIENCE the parts of you that walks backwards or has stopped walking or is hobbling and thus makes it impossible for all of you to go FORWARD! You have to know what balance and harmony between the inner masculine and feminine parts really mean. If the inner man wants to become a millionaire and the inner woman doesn’t care, you will never get there.

Conquer your Life.

The deepest part of our brains have been programmed to fill the earth by survival of the fittest. If we haven’t populated the earth by now we will certainly have done this within a few years from now. And then some of us will be in danger. Mother Earth has limitations. Our mental software is a highly advanced computer. However the software is millions of years old. It is outdated. We need an upgrade.

We have to reprogram our brains and we do this by inner work and by training. The relationship with women will reflect our relationship with the deepest purpose of Man Being – Our Mission. The reason we as men are here. We have to change strategy.

The balance between the inner masculine and the inner feminine makes us leaders and gives us a greater feeling of responsibility. Not only a feeling of responsibility for ourselves and our nearest family. Not only for our friends and local community. Not only for our country. But a global or even universal feeling of responsibility for this planet as she IS the very foundation for our survival.

We create the world as we are created. Divided. Inner man and inner woman working together in perfect harmony results in wholeness. And from there we create relationships and governments which are complete and in harmony as the parts walk hand in hand and work in the same direction.

This is the conquest. The conquest of life. The conquering of The Inner Man and The Inner Woman. The conquer of The Inner Leader. The conquer of balance, wisdom and love.

We can heal the world. We have to!

But how?

You might ask…

Before we can heal the world we have to heal ourselves. In my world there are three types of men:

1. The feminine, soft and kind guy with no or little power.

2. The masculine guy with no or little understanding of people too different from himself

3. The balanced guy who can be a Man running a million dollar company while he happily changes diapers.

Number 3 is what number 1 and 2 try to achieve. Balance is a keyword here.

The feminine guy does not achieve his goals – if he has any! He hasn’t got the amount of power that the masculine guy has. There is ONE situation where the core essence of this mans problems surface. It is when he has to make a BIG decision. If he goes to a bar or a club and spots a super hot babe it shows. One part of him wants to go talk to the woman. Another part of him comes up with 10 reasons not to do it. He needs to focus first at his outer game.

The masculine guy has no problems in getting women but he will experience problems in understanding them. Most probably he has problems understanding most people who are too different from himself. This man has a lot of ambition and even though he acts like a leader, he has no real leadership skills. He can’t even lead his relationship with a woman. He has to focus on his inner game first.

I simply can’t stress enough that this balance is essential. If you get this you will not go out in the world as guy number 2 and get a leader job just because you seek approval. You don’t need unconsciously to say: Look at me dad, see what I can do! Or – you won’t go out in the world as guy number 1 secretly wanting a leader job without being able to get it or even trying to avoid it because you are afraid of failure.

Paradigms come and go. For thousands of years we have been used to take what we like and reject what we don’t like. That includes ourselves. We chose what we want to be and reject negative emotions connected to what we don’t want to be. We only accept half the package. The positive half of our selves. The negative stuff goes in the garbage can that Carl Jug called The Shadow. This garbage can is soilled with destructive and negative emotions that we are on the verge of a catastrophe. If we continue to trow the parts of ourselves away we won’t make it!

We create the world as we are created ourselves. Parted. Our governments ar divided into two parts just as we as humans are. Dictatorships are also divided. One hwo is holding the gun and one who is so unlucky to be at the wrong end at that gun. Democracy isn’tany better. Some people has the power and they use the law to hold back the rest. The only difference is that dictatorships use a gun. Democracies use the law. One half of the system is in charge and they usually do not listen to the rest.

Until now mankind has been thinking and living partially and made societies and governments the same way. The evolution of consciousnes will most likely present us a new paradigm. Wholeness instead of partialism. Evolution is going that way anyway and we get huge problems if we do not follow. This means that we have to take our own Shadow into concideration, start communicating with it and integrate it in our lives. This is the only way we as humans can be healed. The Ego and the Shadow must find a balance which in turn makes it possible for the masculine and the feminine qualities to find the balance which is neccesary for the heart and the consciousness to open.

We will not get peace on earth until we do that!

At least give it a try. Look at the world today. Everything we have been doing for thousands of years until now including warfare has not given us peace. If we are going to heal the world we must also heal ourselves.

The Masculine Man

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